Buy a Variety of Peanut Butters!

Won’t you like to sell different variants of peanut butter under your brand name?

NuttyButty is one of the leading third party peanut butter manufacturers. We own the rich history of making peanut butter for our global customers. Peanut butter lovers just can’t get enough of your delectable peanut butter. As a result, companies that sell our peanut butter under their brand name have higher chances of getting maximum possible return on their investment.


Unsalted, honey roasted, or chocolate peanut butter - you name it & we have it!

Are you looking for a company that supplies the latest variants for peanut butter quickly? Do you want to start a new peanut butter business or expand your current business by adding peanut butter to the new list of offerings? If yes, then NuttyButty can be your perfect partner for peanut butter contract manufacturing.

A key factor that makes us a leading peanut butter manufacturer is that we make a variety of peanut butters. Starting from unsalted peanut butter to chocolate peanut butter, we make a wide range of peanut butters. Explore our website for the variety of peanut butters.

Reasons To Choose Nuttybutty For Peanut Butter Contract Manufacturing

High Efficiency, High Quality

NuttyButty is one of the most trusted third party peanut butter manufacturers because we supply peanut butter to companies as per the timelines. We have a very well-organized setup that allows us to make peanut butter at a quick pace. Also, we make sure that every spoon of our peanut butter is of the highest quality possible. Our products pass through several necessary quality checks before being supplied to our clients.

Private Labeling Guidance

We have a team of peanut butter experts who know this industry very well. They can guide you to make the best decisions for your company when it comes to peanut butter contract manufacturing. Our team can make profitable, customized manufacturing plans for your business.

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