Buy Scrumptious & Smooth Peanut Butter!

Enjoy the authentic deliciousness of juicy peanuts in the form of butter.

NuttyButty is a leading peanut butter manufacturer in India with immense experience of manufacturing and supplying nutritious butter to peanut butter lovers, all around the world. We source tasty and juicy peanuts from some of the best peanut farmers of the country. Then, peanuts are processed in our advanced manufacturing facility to get fine quality peanut butter.


Uses of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is mostly enjoyed with a slice of bread. All that you need to do is, spread a spoonful of our peanut butter on a fresh slice of bread. You can toast it or have it plain. Peanut butter is also used to make many other dishes and snacks, like peanut butter smoothie, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter healthy bar and much more. Some people also like to enjoy their peanut butter with fruits, mostly with an Apple.

Why to buy peanut butter from NuttyButty, one of the best peanut butter suppliers in India?

Our peanut butter is filled with the goodness of several nutrients.

NuttyButty’s peanut butter is a favorite of many health-conscious people because it offers tremendous health benefits. Our good-quality peanut butter enables the consumers to get all the health benefits that peanuts offer. We make nutritious peanut butter using premium quality peanuts. Our team refrains from using any adulterants for making peanut butter.

Our peanut butter is truly authentic.

If you want to relish the pure goodness of peanuts then buy peanut butter from NuttyButty, one of the trusted peanut butter manufacturers in India. Our peanut butter experts use the best methods to turn peanuts into butter without losing their authentic quality and taste. We use a mix of traditional and modern methods to make peanut butter. Our aim is to retain the authentictaste and quality of peanuts.

Our peanut butter is mouthwatering.

We have gained the reputation of being one of the leading peanut butter suppliers in India because we supply delightful peanut butter. Our team uses special quality peanutsand then turns them into buttery form using minimal ingredients. We aim to supply lip-smacking peanut butter to our consumers that they just can’t stop having.

Are you looking for a reliable contract peanut butter manufacturers India?

Whether you want to start your new business or expand your existing business, we can cater to your peanut butter requirements. NuttyButty holds the experience of making peanut butter from companies around the world.

We have the expertise and capability to make peanut butter in large quantities. Our peanut butter meets all the necessary, international standards of quality. Therefore, we can supply peanut butter to companies in many different countries. Share your business requirements with us, and we will do our best to make an efficient contract manufacturing plan for you.

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