Silky Smooth Peanut Paste

Creamy peanut paste enriched with the authentic goodness of protein-rich peanuts!

NuttyButty, one of the premium peanut paste manufacturers in India is serving the customers with mouthwatering peanut paste from a very long time. We have the experience of supplying peanut paste to companies across the world, as a leading contract manufacturing partner.

Sell high on protein, high on taste peanut paste under your brand!

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NuttyButty is a leading peanut paste suppliers India. We hold the expertise of making delightful peanut paste. Our authentic peanut paste is relished by peanut lovers all around the world. Thus, if you want to sell delectable peanut paste under your brand name, then contact us for peanut paste contract manufacturing.


Uses of Peanut Paste

Peanut paste can be enjoyed with a slice of bread. It can also be used to make a variety of other interesting snacks and dishes. Peanut paste is smooth, tasty and nutritious. It can be used to make smoothies and shakes as well.

What makes NuttyButty a favorite peanut paste manufacturers in India?

Unmatched Deliciousness

Our peanut paste is quite delectable because we use high-quality peanuts to make the paste. We buy peanuts only from selected farmers. Most importantly, we have a team of professionals who use all the necessary ingredients in the correct quantity to make delectable peanut paste.

Exceptional Quality

We sincerely care about the quality of our peanut paste. As a leading peanut paste suppliers India, our team has established a thorough quality checking process to ensure that only top-quality paste reaches the customer. We have acquired all the necessary certifications to make peanut paste.

Reasonable Price

Price of the peanut paste matters when it comes to private labeling. The competitive price of our peanut paste makes it a top choice of companies, globally. Our clients get maximum benefits by buying peanut paste from us.

Contact NuttyButty, one of the best peanut paste manufacturers in India to know more about our manufacturing and supplying process.